10 Life Lessons You can Learn from Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a Serial Entrepreneur and has a powerful mission to make the word “Virgin” appear on everywhere in the world. He is a school dropout at the age of 16 and that decision ultimately led to the newborn of the first Magazine business venture: Student. . Up to date, Sir Richard Branson has over 200 businesses and that includes his Virgin Galactic, a space tourism company.

Below are the 10 life lessons that he have practiced personally into his life to achieve the level of success that he has today.

Age is just a number

Richard Branson have started his own business at a young age of 16 and most of us would be taking out our books to prepare for our upcoming exams

to prepare for college. Even at his current age of 61, he is still being so adventurous in his activities such as trying to break the world record for Sailing across Atlantic Ocean on 2008.

You don’t learn by following rules. You learn by doing what you feel it is right and create your own set of rules.

In school, we are deemed as good students if we followed all the rules. However, it doesn’t work the same way in Life. The only way to learn is to repeatedly fail, just like when we were trying to learn to ride a bicycle. We didn’t learn it by reading instructions on how to balance, we learn the skill by falling repeatedly to master the skill.

Richard Branson started his first magazine business without taking a journalism class and he became one of the most successful businessman without taking a business class. Don’t wait until you are qualified to do it. Just do it until you are really qualified.

“ You don’t learn to walk by following rules, you learn by doing, and by falling over.” ( Richard Branson quote)

Every risk is worth taking if it is for a Good cause and doesn’t cause harm to anyone.

The number one reason of why people don’t take risks is because of fear. Humans are conditioned to think that losing is a “bad” thing. And when you lose something, it will cause a lot of pain such as losing money.

It doesn’t feel good to lose money but always remember the vision that we set for ourselves whenever we are deciding if we should take the risk. Successful people take calculated risks with tons of homework done to minimize the amount of risk and that’s why they are Successful. “10% of your success will surpass 90% of your failures. “

There is a big difference in achieving Success in School and Life

Most people associate Success with school and life. When someone perform well in school, they will see them as “Successful” person. However, it’s not really true. Afterall, it all comes down to the choices that we made after we have finished our traditional education.

Treat others the same as how you want others to treat you

I have encountered with people who are always thinking about their own benefits rather than setting a win-win situation. Such business deals will only result in broken partnerships and becoming enemies with the other parties. Always remember to treat the same way to others as to how you want them to treat you. It can be challenging initially but that is the only way to have a good relationships with other people.

Enjoy the simple things, stay humble and stand strong on your feet.

It is easy to fall into the vicious cycle of getting arrogant when you start to become relatively well known. It can be hard to keep your head out of the clouds especially if you own an airlines and flying around with your own hot air balloons but Richard Branson’s mum always kept his feet firmly on the ground and make sure that he remembers his roots and why did he started his entrepreneurship in the beginning.

Don’t promise what you cannot deliver. Instead, over deliver your promise.

It’s really easy to promise other people but when it comes to delivering your promise, many people will have a hard time living up to their promise. I have some experience where by I hired a web designer to create a web page for me. Before we decided to work together, he assured me the quality and insisted that he is the best candidate for the work. As his portfolio looks pretty good and he seemed to be a trustworthy guy, I trusted his words and have very high expectations of the work. However, during the submission date, I was very disappointed with his work.

Therefore, it’s always good to under deliver your promise first and after that you move to the extra mile to deliver your work. People will feel impressed by you and will continue to engage you for future collaboration. Still, there must be a certain level of professionalism for discussion with the clients.

Set challenging goals and change the perspective of failing

Virgin Group has launched over 600 companies and only 100 of them are still active today. While most people will see the remaining 500 companies as failures. Richard use it as an ongoing challenge to improve the rate of success. “ You won’t know what will work unless you try and as long as you keep challenging yourself, you will be at your best.

Embrace adventure – go to somewhere that others don’t go

Richard Branson is well known for taking risky adventures even though it might be dangerous. Whether it’s in business or the ocean, Richard loves to go where others normally don’t go. He really cherishes the process of overcoming the challenge he have set for himself.

Opportunity is everywhere.

There are tons of opportunities everywhere outside. Instead of finding the next “big” thing which it doesn’t happen, focus on one idea that you really believe in and willing to commit to it. It’s easy to source for the next big thing but it’s not easy to stand strong on one idea, doing whatever it takes to make it succeed.

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