Self-Discipline: Why Is This the Most Important Life Skill?

If you want to live a productive and successful life, you will need to acquire a few skills in order to achieve that success. This acquisition happens throughout your life. Sometimes you learn those skills through education, sometimes through other people’s and life experiences. Either way, you learn them and keep them forever. Moreover, they

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Why You Should Start Reading a Book each Day

The modern world has become a fast paced place where everyone is rushing from one place to another. People are caught up with numerous tasks related to school, college, work and family obligations. Many strive to offer their best and achieve a better life for themselves, but somehow, it all becomes too hard because many

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7 Life Lessons You can Never Learn in School

As we go through life, we often learn things that have no relation with the things we learned in school.  Although we cannot deny the fact that basic schooling is essential, there is a different kind of “school” which teaches us many more lessons that a normal school will never teach us. And that’s the

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