Flew from Singapore to Sydney to Learn from Eric Thomas :)

I just got back to Singapore from Sydney to attend a seminar conducted by Eric Thomas. Took an 8 hours’ flight just to see him live and I have to say it was totally worth it!

Sydney is a nice place especially when I took the ferry ride to Darling Habour. Love the view and scenery!

For those people who are not sure who is him, he is actually one of the motivational speakers in America and is well known for being the voiceover for “How bad do you want it” video that totally went viral!

That video went up to 30 million views and when things don’t go smoothly to the way I want it to be, I will always watch that video to tell myself that if it’s easy, everyone would do it!

There was one period of time when my business is not working well and I felt like giving up and conform to mediocrity but I told myself this” Is that really what I wanted?”

Probably most of you will be wondering how much impact can it be for just a video but I can tell you that if you really get the message of what he is trying to say, you will be able to see a huge change in your life. 

Of course, that will only happen if you take massive action in your life.

I am not sure for you but that kept me going during my difficult times. Some of you may like it and some of you may dislike it but still… I am very thankful to him

Sometimes in life, no matter how many courses we invested in, if we didn’t take any action after attending the courses, nothing is going to happen.

What I usually advise people is to invest in 1-2 courses a year and work on it first before even attending other courses. Use that amount of money to invest in your business that will actually bring you the real results.

3 years ago, I told myself that I must meet all the people that have changed my life no matter where they are and I am really grateful for their teachings and right now, I am actually meeting them one by one.

So happy that I managed to get a picture with him and also talk to him personally on the tips to create a massive breakthrough in my life.

Eric-ThomasFor those people who have seen that video, you know that he didn’t mean that you don’t have to sleep to keep on working on your goals but what he means that it’s all about prioritizing your goals and not to have any regrets 10 years later for not taking action in your life.

To summarize the couple of hours sharing, this is what he have shared:

  1. Create a list of your top 10 values, that will help you to ensure that you are steering towards the direction that you want for your company/life. 
  2. Slightly intrinsic goals: – You are doing this because you personally value that goal
  3. Intrinsic goals:- you are doing this because it’s important to your self-worth. Not everyone gets motivated with just money itself. Some people get motivated on certain factors such as getting the recognition, sharing their passion to the world.
  4. Intrinsic – you are doing this because you really want to do it. Surprisingly most people are doing the things that was being told by their parents, their friends and they are not willing to do a change.
  5. Put in 120% effort in yourself! Eric personally wake up at 3am in the morning to get his day started and focus on getting things done. Not everyone has the same daily routine so you got to find out which area do you want to put in 120% of your effort!

If I were to dig down to why people do what they do, it’s because when they are doing certain things, it drives emotions and emotions create motion.

That is why some people are not doing at their 120 level. It’s not because they are not good, it’s just because they are not focusing on the things they really wanted to do.

I have seen a lot of people regretting the things that they never do and that is why I will rather make mistakes than not doing anything about it. Sometimes honestly it sucks but every mistake gave me a learning lesson.

Eric also asked us one question: If you could achieve anything and there are no fears in you, what do you want to achieve? 

Feel free to share with the community and I look forward to hear from all of you!

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