The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe?

By Paul C. W. Davies

On April eight, 1960, a tender American astronomer, Frank Drake, grew to become a radio telescope towards the famous person Tau Ceti and listened for numerous hours to determine if he may perhaps observe any man made radio indications. With this modest begin started a global venture of probably momentous value. referred to as SETI - look for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - it truly is an amalgam of technological know-how, know-how, experience, interest and a daring imaginative and prescient of humanity's future. Drake has stated that SETI can be a look for ourselves - who we're and what our position will be within the grand cosmic scheme of items. but with one tantalizing exception, SETI has produced purely unfavorable effects. After hundreds of thousands of hours spent eavesdropping at the cosmos astronomers have detected basically the eerie sound of silence. What does that suggest? Are we in reality by myself within the vastness of the universe? Is ET available in the market, yet now not sending any messages our method? may well we be surrounded by way of messages we easily don't realize? Is SETI a waste of money and time, or should still we press forward with new and extra delicate antennas? Or glance elsewhere? And if a sign have been to be acquired, what then? How might we - or maybe should still we - reply?

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