Weird Universe: Exploring the Most Bizarre Ideas in Cosmology (Astronomers' Universe)

As new discoveries complicate the clinical photo of the universe, the evolving theories concerning the nature of house and time and the origins and destiny of the universe threaten to develop into overwhelming. input David Seargent. carrying on with the author's sequence of books popularizing unusual astronomy evidence and data, Weird Universe explains the unusual, advanced terrain of contemporary cosmology for lay readers.

From exploring a few of the unusual results of the theories of detailed and basic relativity, to probing time dilation and the dual and mother-and-baby “paradoxes” and the idea that the universe could be mathematically regarded as a hologram, the entire most modern findings and conjectures are truly defined in non-technical language. the advance of quantum physics and the more moderen advancements of string and M-theory are checked out, as well as numerous hypotheses that experience no longer gained vast attractiveness from the clinical neighborhood, corresponding to converted gravity. input the splendidly bizarre global of those theories and achieve a brand new appreciation for the newest findings in cosmological research.

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