Lucid Dreaming – Four Tips to Be Your Dream Architect


Ever wanted to bridge your gateway between your reality and dreams?

Lucid dreaming allows you to manipulate your brains when you are sleeping as it is a form of conscious process, so that you are aware that you are dreaming. It can be realistic, used as a dream therapy for patients to exert some control over their dreams.

For those, who wants to connect more with their fantasy dream landscape, lucid dreaming can allow you to experience your own fantasy realm, where all of it will be as authentic as the reality. How awesome isn’t it?

Lucid dreaming is more of a interest of science concepts as it provides the insights of the metaconsciousness in the brain and to really question the distinction between reality and dreams.

Want to learn more about lucid dreaming? Watch this two minute video that explains how you can practice lucid dreaming by following the four techniques. ( lucid dreaming is a skill and can be learnt!)

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